Products and Services that create new Technology

Who we are

Make is a modern technology company that develops high quality software for enterprise applications, engineering tools, and embedded systems.

We use a model based approach (Model Driven Software Development) in the development of applications. The best advantage of this approach is that it is mostly automated, and as a result, it reduces the development time and supports the industrialization of technology processes.

Our teams rely on the Scrum methodology to make our software development process more agile and light. We also provide a continuous delivery process.

Make Technology is involved with our customers in all project phases - from the initial requirements to the development, documentation and testing of the solution.

Eclipse and OSGI Technologies: Our selection

Eclipse is a platform that has been designed from the ground up for building integrated web and application development tooling. It leads the way in rich client applications and is capturing the runtime and server worlds. The Equinox runtime, an implementation of the OSGi core framework specification, is one of the most important factors for the Eclipse success.

The value of the platform is what it encourages: rapid development of integrated features based on a plug-in model.

Our products and services follow the open-source business model and that is the reason the Eclipse platform is a natural choice for us. The Eclipse platform provides an enormous amount of tools ready to use, from application development tooling to model driven software. However, such freely available open-source tools may not cover all the user needs. That's when Make Technology services and products take place, providing customized and individual solutions, with the Eclipse Platform as the basis for the development of these solutions.

Product Development

We are experts in driving product development in all the phases of the software development cycle. We develop your product tailoring it to your needs, paying attention in every detail and customizing it to satisfy your users and customers. Your product quality and delivery time are crucial for us.

We offer two alternative development processes. The first one is the more traditional one, where a set of features are specified and a fixed price is provided. The other option implies the adoption of agile methologies with fixed prices per milestones and where the prioritization and definition of features is a continuous activity. As a result, you can iteratively refine your requirements. This collaborative environment creates the conditions for the development of a high-quality product that will be delivered on time and within the budget.

We have huge success in product development for our customers, including outstanding companies such as Querix, Verum and Contact us if you are looking for an amazing partner, we will live up your expectations.

Engineering Tools

It happens to lots of companies that they have their own standalone first-class product but they cannot completely success because their product is tough to use. Here is where Make Technology comes to the scene.

We provide all the necessary tooling for your product, from the definition of the requirements to the development of a new tool and the testing of it. The new product is like a shell for your standalone product which provides several layers of abstraction to your users, a fresh user-friendly UI, and a new way to interact to your old application. All these tooling will definetely improve your customers and users experience with your product.

The tooling products we provide are shipped as Eclipse plugins or as separated Eclipse RCP Applications.

In the development of these tooling projects, and like almost all the projects we have been working on, we use Eclipse related technologies, such as Eclipse EMF, ECP, EMF Forms, Graphiti, Eclipse GMF, Eclipse Sirius, Eclipse 4, among others.

DSLs and Embedded

These kind of projects are a particular case of the aforementioned Engineering tools section. However, we strongly believe that they deserve an special treatment since the technical knowledge required by these projects is enormous and demanding.

For the development of these kind of applications we mostly use Eclipse Xtext and Eclipse EMF. Xtext is an opensource framework for development of programming languages and domain-specific languages. The Eclipse EMF project is a modeling framework and code generation facility for building tools and other applications based on a structured data model. Both technologies allow us to develop tailored Domain Specific Languages and tools that provide the capabilities to design and create embedded systems from high level models.

As mentioned before, these kind of products are shipped as Eclipse plugins or as standalone Eclipse RCP applications. Nevertheless, we do know the increasing popularity of Microsoft Visual Studio. Then, we are happy to announce that we also provide an Xtext solution for Visual Studio. That means that you can now experiment in Visual Studio all the amazing features that Xtext provides to your product in an Eclipse environment. Yes, same features, different environmets. Please, contact us us whether you want to know more about this solution or if you want port an existing Eclipse Xtext solution to Visual Studio.

We are experts in Eclipse Xtext and EMF. We are the right people to accomplish the difficult tasks involved in these critical applications.


If you want a reliable, cost effective software development solution, look no further than Argentina. Working with us allows you to reduce overhead and work with lower-cost locations, while not compromising on time and quality.

Argentina not only has the highest English level of the region, but also the latest technology and best-educated workforce. It has a large, technically-savvy and highly skilled pool of software engineers ready to work at a reasonable price, and an IT infrastructure network that is probably the best in the entire region. An interesting factor that sets Argentina head and shoulders above other outsourcing destinations is that public universities are free and open to anyone. As a result, Argentina has the largest number of university students in Latin America, ranking eighth globally.

Being near shore, there are numerous geographical advantages compared to traditional Asian destinations such as India or China. The fact that Argentina is merely a few hours behind Europe and only an hour ahead of the US East Coast allows us to communicate naturally and frequently with our customers during the same working hours. As a result, we have greater and healthier working relationships with them.

Comparisons with other outsourcing destinations such as Asia or Central Europe are even more noticeable, due to the difficulty of implementing agile methodologies in those countries. Besides, Argentina's culture has a definitely European flavour, both in regards to culture and business, that will be familiar to most North Americans.